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Towing Basics

Towing is an invaluable service for someone who has ever had an accident or been stranded on the road. Services such as vehicle towing, towing and recovery, flatbed towing and heavy duty towing - aid in these recoveries. Without towing services many travelers would be without choices.

With vehicle towing there are usually fall three main categories: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. Light and medium duty towing vehicles are used for moving cars, SUV's and pickup trucks. Light duty wreckers maximum tow limit should not exceed 8,500 lbs., while medium duty wreckers should not exceed 21,600 lbs. The capacity for Heavy-duty wreckers is 70+ tons and is usually 18-wheelers or buses.

In addition, wheel-lifts and rollbacks are two types of light or medium duty towing vehicles. A wheel-lift uses hydraulic or cable lifts and elevates either the front or back driving wheels. Rollback towing uses a rear deck that lowers to the road and the vehicle is towed by a cable winch onto the back.

If a car is involved in an accident, towing and recovery services recover the vehicle without accumulating damage to the vehicle or property. If needed, additional services can include: load transfers and rental trailers for load transfers, roll-off containers and trailers equipped to handle vehicles that are demolished.

With flatbed towing, the truck bed can be fitted so that it can be hydraulically inclined and lowered to the ground. The towed vehicle then can be moved onto it and pulled up using a winch. Generally, flatbed towing provides an easy and convenient means of providing towing services.

Flatbed towing normally involves a two or four-wheeled trailer. Another advantage of flatbed towing is easy vehicle loading. The trailer can be fitted with loading ramps. Because these ramps can be lowered to the ground, the car can be driven up the ramps and secured.

As mentioned earlier, heavy-duty wreckers are capable of towing 70+ tons and are reserved for use with large transportation vehicles, usually 18-wheelers, buses and other heavy loads. Heavy duty wreckers are often are outfitted with a rotating boom crane that allows heavy loads to be lifted out of ravines or other deep areas. Once lifted, these loads are then placed on the heavy-duty wrecker for towing.

Whether the job necessitates light, medium or heavy towing capacity or whether the vehicle is demolished, in the unfortunate event that towing is necessary, it is comforting that many options exist to get the job done.


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