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Tips For Choosing A Towing Company

Choosing a towing company is not the most exciting decision you will ever make, but those that have ever been stranded on the side of the road now realize the importance of that decision.

There are numerous towing companies from which to choose but, before choosing, shop around and find out which prices and services are better for you. In addition, research to find who the registered tow companies with proper licenses are. This is important, as these companies will be covered by an insurance policy so, in the event damage occurs to your property, compensation is guaranteed.

When you are stranded ask how long it will take before the towing company will arrive. If your vehicle requires repairs from a dealership, call to ask whether the dealership prefers any particular towing companies. If they do, find out if they will cover either part or all of the cost of the tow when you have your car serviced with their company. Mechanics or body shops frequently offer the same discount. In addition, depending on your insurance policy, many auto insurance companies have preferred towing companies and can cover part of the cost of a tow.

When making the initial call to the tow company, be specific when describing your vehicle as well as the extent of the problem. This will help the company deliver the proper equipment to handle the job. For example, if the front wheels are damaged, it may not be possible to load the vehicle onto a flatbed truck, and a traditional wrecker with a hook and cable may be a better solution. In this situation, however, be aware that towing your vehicle using a hook and cable may result in damage to the drive train. Skilled operators will be aware of this likelihood and is another reason to use only properly licensed services.

For a standard vehicle, a tow truck company should own a flatbed truck. This flatbed truck will have the ability to lift your vehicle onto its bed on an incline. This is accomplished by tilting the bed to ground level at the rear of the tow truck, then attaching a winch cable to your car. The car is pulled onto the bed as the cable is winched onto its spool and secured.

Knowing a few basic repairs and having the proper equipment and materials on hand, you may be able to save the cost of a tow. For example, having a good spare tire, jack and lug wrench and knowing how to use them will come in handy in the event of a flat tire. Keeping jumper cables in your trunk could be a good idea - if you know how to connect them.

A little research can go a long way. After finding a few tow truck companies and regular tow companies, store their contact information in the glove box of your vehicle. This will save additional worry and time during a potentially stressful situation.

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